5 free data visualisation tools that can help you build links

Data visualisation has been at the centre of some of the biggest and most innovative PR campaigns over the past year.

Creating a campaign that grabs the users attention, builds links and sparks a debate is what we chase as marketers. Its what gets us up in the morning and keeps us awake at night.

A great recent example of data visualised in a creative way was a recent tweet from social guru Matt Navarra:

The story was great, the visual was great and therefore so were the results!

But, in a world where data is so freely available how do we create a campaign that stands out from the crowd?

I have noted down my top 5 data visualisation tools, and as an added bonus – they all offer a free version!!


Canva is a free tool that allows you to create infographics, social assets and even slides.
Its super easy to use and offers a large range of custom images for you to edit.
So if you’re looking for a Facebook cover, infographic or even an invoice Canva should be your first point of call!


Flourish allows you to easily upload data and create interactive visuals.
You can use the free version and create an embed visuals, however you cant download HTML unless you pay.
Its fast and effective, in fact, here is a visual I created showing how the sentiment around Brexit changed per day on social media:


Visualizefree offers user the chance to learn and create cool visuals. You simply upload your data file and the tool will give you your own private dashboard where you can create and edit visualisations.


This tool is a little clunky but will create some cool charts and graphs which would be used to creatively visualise a story for the media.


PRs and the media love a good map, and for ease of use myheatmaps scores highly.
The free version allows you to only have 20 data points so anymore you will need to pay, however check it out its super easy to use!